Destiny and Mystique are goin’ to the chapel in ‘X-Men: The Wedding Special’

Kieron Gillen, Tini Howard, Wyatt Kennedy, Tate Brombal and more will contribute to the special.

The relationship between Mystique and Destiny has been explored and tested in the X-Men titles over the past few years, between Immortal X-Men and the recent X-Men Origins Blue special that cleaned up Nightcrawler’s origin. But now the two of them will take the center aisle in X-Men: The Wedding Special.

Immortal X-Men writer Kieron Gillen will write a story that sees the two mutants renew their vows.

“They’ve been through hell, mainly at my pen. Finally, giving these two a happy day? How can I say no,” Gillen told

The comic serves as this year’s Marvel’s Voices: Pride special, and will feature additional stories by LGBTQIA+ talent like Tini Howard, Wyatt Kennedy, Tate Brombal and Yoon Ha Lee, among others.

Here are additional details from Marvel:

It’s a mutant wedding extravaganza! Mystique and Destiny are one of the most beloved—and longest-lasting—gay couples in comic book history. Together for over 100 years, the pair secretly married during their decades-long  romance. See the event and the renewal of those vows for the first time on the page.

Russell Dauterman provides a variant cover:

X-Men: The Wedding Special arrives in stores on May 29, just in time for Pride Month.

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