Hulk, Werewolf by Night make the leap into ‘Blood Hunt’

Marvel reveals the final two comics in their Blood Hunt crossover event.

It looks like we’ve finally made it to the end of the list of tie-ins for Marvel’s Blood Hunt event, the big vampire apocalypse crossover that’s coming this summer. I mean, maybe we have — there’s always a chance they could add in an epilogue or whatever. But these final two one-shots at least fill in the scorecard they shared.

The final two one-shots will feature the Hulk and Werewolf by Night, which both feature regular old humans who can transform into something more monstrous.

Jason Loo and Adam Gorham will show us what Jake Gomez, the new Werewolf by Night, is up to during the event in Werewolf by Night: Blood Hunt. While started as an artist, working on the Eisner-winning Afterlift with Chip Zdarsky, he’s proven to be an accomplished writer on several Marvel projects.

“I love that I get to flex a dark, macabre writing muscle than my usual fare in Marvel,” Loo said. “In this one-shot starring Jake Gomez, aka the new Werewolf By Night, both artist Adam Gorham and myself are delivering a teen-horror Grindhouse feature that’s so gruesome, you’ll need permission from your parent/guardian to read it. BLOOD HUNT!!!”

Meanwhile, regular Incredible Hulk writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson will work with artist Danny Earls on Hulk: Blood Hunt #1. Johnson has focused on the Hulk darker side and introduced all sorts of crazy monsters for him to fight in what’s been a great run so far, so that one should be good.

“Bringing the Incredible Hulk back to his horror roots this past year was one of the easiest writing decisions I’ve ever made,” Johnson said. “As a fan, I love Hulk best when he’s scary, fighting other monsters even as he reminds us he’s one of them. So when Marvel asked if I thought Hulk could have a place in Blood Hunt, again, it was a no-brainer. Danny Earls and I are crafting a creepy, haunting story for vampire fans and Hulk fans alike that I guarantee they’ve never seen before, and that they won’t easily forget.”

Look for the Werewolf by Night one-shot on July 3, and the Hulk one-shot on July 10. Oh, and here’s your updated scorecard:

So you have five issues of Blood Hunt, plus six three-issue miniseries and two four-issue miniseries, plus six one-shots, plus 16 regular series tie-ins, for a grand total of … 53 comics? Someone check my math. And that’s not including the Free Comic Book Day issue or the Red Band editions of the main series, which would add another six to the total for 59 comics. If each of these comics were to cost $3.99, you’d be looking at an event that would cost you more than $200, but with Marvel pricing many of their titles at $4.99 or even $5.99 these days, you’re probably looking at closer to $300. So maybe the bigger question than “Who will bite it?” is “Will fans bite?”

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