‘Holler’ tells the story of the ‘unkempt, final generation of analog teenagers’

Dark Horse Comics will collect Jeremy Massie’s comic into one volume later this year.

Dark Horse Comics will collect Holler, Jeremy Massie’s ode to the grunge era of the 1990s, into one volume this fall.

Originally self-published via crowdfunding and It’s Alive, the collection will include all eight issues Massie produced and eventually posted on his website. The comic tells the story of Magnesium Mama, the grunge band formed by four friends in an Appalachian town in Virginia.

“I’ve gotten to a certain time in my life where I’ve gotten introspective, maybe even sentimental, about the time and place I grew up,” said Massie. “Even if the times and place weren’t the greatest, I was dwelling on that period a lot. I was so hung up on it I started making comics about my band-playing teenage years. They’re the type of comics I’ve always wanted to make.”

Here are the details from Dark Horse:

Mark lives in a tiny town in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia in the early 1990s. He doesn’t fit in and feels out of sync with his family and the mostly conservative crowd there. Lucky for him, he finds an escape—the grunge band he forms with his best friend, Jay! As the lead guitarist in Magnesium Mama, Mark and his bandmates make their time in their hometown bearable. Between gigs, there are a lot of ups and downs, and luckily, Mark can remember most of them.

“I got a lot of stories out of my system with Holler and I hope the love and fun I had while making it shows,” Massie said. “These characters are friends of mine and some of them aren’t around anymore. I hate I can’t share this book with them. Anyway, here are a bunch of stories about playing loud music with your best friends, figuring out how things work, comics about the unkempt, final generation of analog teenagers.”

Look for Holler to arrive on store shelves on Sept. 24.

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