Geoffrey Thorne + Marcus To will bring X-Force back ‘From the Ashes’ this summer

Forge, Betsy Braddock, Rachel Summers and more will headline the rebooted X-title.

Forge, the X-Men’s resident inventor, has a plan to repair the world, and that solution is X-Force. Geoffrey Thorne and Marcus To will helm the new team book with a familiar title this summer as a part of Marvel’s “From the Ashes” X-Men reboot.

First launched in the early 1990s by writer/artist Rob Liefeld, X-Force has long held the role of the team that would go to extremes to help mutantkind. In this latest iteration, Forge “will bear witness to everything broken in the world,” and he assembles an “off the books” team to fix it that includes Rachel Summers, Betsy Braddock, Sage, Surge and Tank.

“I cannot believe the reaction to my pitch with, ‘That sounds like X-Force to us,'” Thorne said. “It’s a new vibe and a different mission, but it’s still X-Force. Looking at all the books coming out under this banner, I’ll just paraphrase the prophet, Sheryl Crow: ‘All I wanna do is have some fun.’ Looking at what I’m getting to do and what the others are bringing, I’m absolutely not the only one.”

Each mission will also guest-star a “specialist” to help the team out, starting with Deadpool.

“When Marvel approached me to be the artist for X-Force, I was ecstatic,” To said. “I was always a big fan of the X-books growing up, and to be a part of bringing that excitement to new and old readers alike was an opportunity I could not turn down. And the chance to draw Betsy Braddock again is icing on the cake!”

The first issue comes out July 31.

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