‘Absolute Power’ corrupts absolutely in DC’s July titles

Amanda Waller and friends have big plans for DC’s heroes and villains.

DC has revealed more details about their upcoming Absolute Power crossover series, including a companion series titled Absolute Power: Task Force VII and Absolute Power: Origins, which will tell the “definitive history” of Amanda Waller.

These follow the Free Comic Book Day issue in May and the prelude issue that comes out in June that we learned about earlier this year.

The press release also gives some information on Amanda Waller and the Trinity of Evil‘s plans — using Failsafe, Brainiac Queen and Amazo to capture the super powers of every superhero and villain on Earth. As a squad of Amazo robots captures the powers of DC’s mightiest heroes, leaving them powerless, a “league” of resistors led by Batman starts to form. Each issue of Absolute Power: Task Force VII will be by a different creative team and will be focused on a different Amazo who has stolen someone’s powers, including Last Son (Superman), Depth Charge (Aquaman) and Jadestone (Green Lantern).

You can find more details on Absolute Power and the tie-ins below.

Absolute Power #1 main cover by Dan Mora

Absolute Power #1 (of 4)

On Sale Wednesday, July 3

DC makes its return to Wednesday for the release of new titles with the arrival of Absolute Power #1 at participating comic book shops and e-tailers.

The combined powers of Failsafe and the Brainiac Queen have finally given Amanda Waller the ability to capture the powers of every metahuman, whether Super Hero or Super-Villain, on Earth. As chaos erupts in the streets and a massive disinformation campaign sways public opinion, the Suicide Squad commander methodically targets DC’s most powerful Super Heroes and their allies. But despite all that’s facing Superman, Wonder Woman, and other DC metahumans, a resistance is forming, with Batman leading the charge.

Absolute Power #1 variant cover by Dan Mora

Mark Waid and Dan Mora are the team behind this must-have debut issue, with a main and variant cover by Mora and additional variant covers by Jim Lee, Stephen Bliss, Puppeteer Lee, Chris Samnee, Chrissie Zullo, Wes Craig, and John Timms.

Absolute Power: Task Force VII

Absolute Power: Task Force VII is a biweekly companion series that explores the events of Absolute Power from the Super-Villains’ perspective, as the Trinity of Evil co-opts the combined powers of Amazo and the technology of Failsafe in their quest to eliminate all metahumans.

On sale July 10, Absolute Power: Task Force VII #1 is written by Leah Williams with art by Caitlin Yarsky and introduces the Last Son. Waller’s living weapon has eliminated the threat of Superman and all his allies in Metropolis, and now it’s setting its sights on the DC Universe’s other metahuman clan: Shazam, Mary Marvel, and the rest of the Shazamily.

A hostile takeover is in store for the citizens of Atlantis on July 24, as Absolute Power: Task Force VII #2 introduces the Amazo robot known as Depth Charge. Depth Charge has stolen not only Aquaman’s powers, but his throne, and the Atlantean populace must either toe the line or risk having their powers taken as well. It falls to Mera and the rest of the Aqua-Family to launch a revolution without being discovered in this exciting one-shot by writer John Layman and artist Max Raynor.

Absolute Power: Task Force VII #3 ends the month with a bang on July 31, as the Amazo robot Jadestone absorbs the powers of the Justice Society of America. But after being compromised by Green Lantern Alan Scott’s willpower, Jadestone is faced with the possibility of making its own decisions. Will it continue to execute Waller’s orders or exercise free will, as the remaining JSA members attempt a rescue to free their teammates and escape to the Tower of Fate? Find out in this story from Green Lantern writer Jeremy Adams and artist Marco Santucci.

Absolute Power: Origins #1 (of 3)

(On Sale July 24)

The definitive history of one of the deadliest power players in the DC Universe is revealed in this three-issue series by Academy Award-winning writer John Ridley (The Other History of the DC Universe, I Am Batman) and artist Alitha Martinez.

Amanda Waller has been the driving force behind Absolute Power and has long had a serious axe to grind against metahumans. Find out what has led her to this place in a tale of how Waller suffered a catastrophic loss, and how she forged her powerlessness into a path to vengeance, fueled by two words that changed her life, and the lives of everyone in the DC Universe: NEVER AGAIN.

Absolute Power Tie-In Titles on Sale in July

Absolute Power and the Trinity of Evil will impact all the DC Universe but will hit DC’s trinity of Super Heroes—Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman—the hardest. This July, fans will also see how these Super Heroes deal with this threat in their own books.

On sale July 2, the landmark 150th issue of Batman features not only legendary DC artist and Milestone Media cofounder Denys Cowan joining writer Chip Zdarsky and series artist Jorge Jiménez on the main story, but Zdarsky and artist Mike Hawthorne reuniting (“The Bat-Man of Gotham”) for an Absolute Power tie-in story featuring Batman and Catwoman planning the most dangerous heist of their lives. The target: Amanda Waller!

On July 17, in the pages of Wonder Woman #11, Diana’s quest for the truth is placed on hold as she comes face-to-face with Waller’s latest toy, an Amazo robot ready to take all her powers for good! Wonder Woman can use all the help she can get to survive; find out if the Justice League Dark is up to the task in this Absolute Power tie-in by Tom King, Tony S. Daniel, and Belén Ortega.

Also on sale July 17, Superman #16 not only ties into Absolute Power, but welcomes fan-favorite artist Jamal Campbell back to the series penned by Joshua Williamson. Due to Waller’s Amazo assault by the Last Son, Superman is injured and powerless, having retreated to the Fortress of Solitude. As his home becomes a refuge for survivors, the Man of Steel must go on a dangerous mission into the realm of magic with DC’s backward-speaking spell-slinger, Zatanna.

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