BOOM!’s ‘Power Rangers’ titles will end in July

Melissa Flores and Simona Di Gianfelice will bring the current storyline to an end in the ‘Darkest Hour’ one-shot.

BOOM! Studios has announced the end of the current iteration of their Mighty Morphin Power Rangers titles, which will reach their conclusion in July with the one-shot Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Darkest Hour. That will follow Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #122, the final issue of the main series, which has been published for eight years.

Writer Melissa Flores will team with artist Simona Di Gianfelice and colorist Raúl Angulo on the one-shot.

“After nearly two years, the Darkest Hour comes to a close,” Flores said. “This event has been one of the biggest tasks of my career, but I’ve enjoyed every single, heart-wrenching minute. Although I put our poor Rangers through the ringer, I hope the ending is as satisfying for the reader as it was for me to write it!”

The oversized finale will detail the final battle between the villainous Dark Specter and “an unlikely group of rogues, villains and Rangers.”

In the press release, BOOM! says they’ll be making “many exciting Power Rangers announcements” in the coming months, building toward the San Diego Comic-Con in July. So this doesn’t sound like a shift in the licensing, like we’ve seen over the past few years for Hasbro’s G.I. Joe and Transformers. Hasbro owns Power Rangers, as well as Dungeons & Dragons, which has stayed at IDW even after Transformers and G.I. Joe moved to Skybound.

Here’s a look at several variant covers for The Darkest Hour:

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #122 will arrive in stores July 24, while Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Darkest Hour arrives July 31.

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