Marvel celebrates 50 years of Iron Fist in August

The anthology will feature stories by Chris Claremont, Lan Medina, Alyssa Wong, Ron Randal and more.

Marvel will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first appearance of Iron Fist in August with a one-shot anthology featuring stories about both Danny Rand and Lin Lie.

The character first appeared in Marvel Premiere #15, published in 1974, in a story by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane. Since then Iron Fist has had his own title on numerous occasions, as well as appearing in places like Avengers, Defenders, Heroes for Hire and the long-running Power Man & Iron Fist title. We’ve also learned that the “Iron Fist” is a legacy, as various characters wielded it prior to Danny Rand, and we’ve seen others use it after him — including the young monk Pei, Wakandan bad ass Okoye and Lie, the former Sword Master.

Following his appearance in Marvel Premiere, Iron Fist spun off into his own title by Chris Claremont and John Byrne, which ran in the mid-1970s and featured appearances by Iron Man, Captain America, the X-Men and Sabretooth, who debuted in the title. For the anniversary one-shot, Claremont will team with artist Lan Medina for a new story from early in Danny’s career that will guest star Wolverine.

cover by Alan Davis

Other stories include:

  • A new Lin Lie story by Alyssa Wong and Ron Randall.
  • An Iron Fist/Daughters of the Dragon team-up by Justina Ireland and Elena Casagrande.
  • Frank Tieri and Ty Templeton’s Heroes for Hire story.
  • Jason Loo and Whilce Portacio “spotlight what the future may hold for Danny Rand.”

“Ever since I saw Danny Rand in those green and yellows, I was a fan—not just because we shared a name, but because that look was so iconic!”said the book’s editor Danny Khazem. “So to be able to work on this issue with all of these talented creators is a huge honor and pleasure. Danny’s story has spanned five decades, but the legacy of the Iron Fist spans MILLIONS of years! And this issue dares to be the next step in not only the future of Danny Rand, but the future of the entire Iron Fist lore! Strap in as this is just the beginning!”

The issue will have three variant covers, by Howard Chaykin, Kevin Eastman and David Aja:

Look for it to arrive stores Aug. 14.

Edited May 17: Added David Aja variant cover

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