Jordan Alsaqa + Ray Nadine will ‘Raise Hell!’ on Comixology next week

The coming of age horror story arrives digitally on Tuesday.

Jordan Alsaqa and Ray Nadine are bringing a little Hell to Comixology next week.

The writer of Terminal Protocol, Finding Peace and more has teamed with the GLAAD award-nominated cartoonist on Raise Hell!, a six-issue coming-of-age horror/comedy miniseries about three friends who decide to summon a demon one summer, which makes the upcoming school year hell — well, even more hellish than normal.

Raise Hell! is a love letter to our own teen years,” said Alsaqa. “When Ray and I met, we bonded over our mutual love of Ska, horror and the anime of the mid-2000s. It’s a time period we’re nostalgic for, so many of our story ideas come from recalling our favorite childhood memories and injecting the supernatural and demonic into them.”

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