Speedwalk toward justice in Joey Esposito + Sean Von Gorman’s ‘The Pedestrian’

The latest title from Magma Comix strolls into shops this August.

A sleepy town will get the hero it needs this summer in The Pedestrian, a new series coming from Magma Comix by writer Joey Esposito and artist Sean Von Gorman.

The comic, which is about a guy who speedwalks, was born from the longtime friendship between Esposito and Von Gorman.

“I can’t tell you how pleased I am to have finally found myself in a partnership with people who share the same comics-making ethos as myself,” Esposito said. “I love making comics because at the end of the day, in the best case scenario, at least for me, it’s about making something cool with your friends. That’s what this book is—born out of a collab-turned-friendship with Sean (more than a decade old at this point) because we’re both pushing each other to another level—and having a blast doing it. Working with Magma is a huge part of this equation as well, because in my 15 years of making comics, I’ve never had a publisher so supportive. They make comics for comics’ sake and support their creators. This is the most excited I’ve ever been about a book, perhaps because it’s been the most collaborative.”

Magma provided more details on the quirky title:

Behold, The Pedestrian! A strange visitor speedwalks into Summer City and silently changes the lives of its residents. But not all is quiet in this sleepy, small town—an ancient conflict linked to the secret history of street signs is brewing! DON’T WALK… RUN! In The Pedestrian, justice always has the right of way!

“This book could not be coming out at a better time, with a hero who tries to help make the world a slightly better place without using violence,” Von Gorman said. “When we started working together during the pandemic, Joey and I set out to make the best comic we could make. We knew we had something really special, and to be on the ground floor with Magma Comix, the next powerhouse in creator-owned comics, we couldn’t be more excited about finally bringing The Pedestrian into the world!”

Dean Haspiel and Michael Allred have provided variant covers for the first issue:

Traffic permitting, The Pedestrian #1 will arrive at your local comic shop on Aug. 7.

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