Can’t Wait for Comics | Zdarsky + Loo pull an ‘All-Nighter’

Check out new comics arriving this week from Chip Zdarsky, Jason Loo, Patrick Sparrow, Scott Snyder, Christos Gage, Barndon Thomas and more.

Welcome to our second Can’t Wait for Comics for this week, your guide to what comics are arriving in comic book stores, bookstores and on digital. Halloween week brings an extra-large helping of horror and Halloween-themed comics and graphic novels, so I broke them out into their own separate post yesterday. This post will spotlight some of their not-so-scary brethren that can also be found on shelves this week.

You can visit Diamond’s website for this week’s almost complete list of new comics arriving in stores. The Lunar Distribution home page has DC’s releases and the comiXology new releases page for what’s available digitally.

I should also add that the list of what is actually arriving at your local shop can vary from what’s on anyone’s official website for a myriad of reasons — so always check with your comics retailer for the final word on availability.

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AdHouse Books announces ‘Comrade Kill’ for October

Patrick Sparrow’s new graphic novel is (likely) the last project ever from AdHouse.

When Chris Pitzer announced he was shutting down AdHouse Books earlier this month, he mentioned that he still had one more release for October. That release is Comrade Kill, a new graphic novel from Patrick Sparrow.

“A cold war super soldier accidentally wakes from a cryogenic freeze long after the war has ended to find out his existence is now meaningless,” the description reads. “Being too dumb to reconcile this, he goes out into the wild to satisfy a pointless mission objective that no one asked him to do.”

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