Return to the world of ‘Little Bird’ this summer in ‘Precious Metal’

Darcy Van Poelgeest  and Ian Bertram return to the world of their Eisner-Award-winning series from Image Comics.

Writer Darcy Van Poelgeest  and artist Ian Bertram will return to the world of their Eisner Award-winning comic series Little Bird in Precious Metal, a six-issue miniseries that launches in June from Image Comics.

Precious Metal has been the biggest, and most fulfilling, undertaking of my creative career,” said Van Poelgeest. “Returning to the world of Little Bird with Ian Bertram brought on a deeper collaboration than I thought possible, and the results are something transformative—for the work and myself. After nearly five years of immersion and experimentation, I’m thrilled to finally bring this monster of a book to readers worldwide.”

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Comics Lowdown | UCS will no longer distribute DC Comics starting in January

Plus: News on Terrific Production, Archie Comics, Rebellion, L.A. Comic-Con and more.

Distributors: UCS Comics Distributors, one of the two comics distributors that began working with DC Comics during the COVID-19 industry shutdown earlier this year, has told retailers they will no longer distribute DC’s books as of January 2021. Their accounts will be serviced by Lunar Distribution, the other distributor for DC that came into being during the pandemic. UCS was formed by retailer Midtown Comics, while Lunar was formed by Discount Comic Book Service.

So is UCS going away? Not according to the email they sent to retailers, which you can read over at The Beat. It says “UCS is not closing. We will be offering other exciting items that stores can use!” So it’ll be interesting to see what they offer in the future. John Jackson Miller has additional commentary.

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