‘It’s about to get real’ in ‘Tower #4’ by Camrus Johnson, Kelsey Barnhart + Loyiso Mkize

Check out an exclusive preview of the penultimate issue of the miniseries from A Wave Blue World.

Courtesy of A Wave Blue World, we’re pleased to present a preview of Tower #4, the penultimate issue of the miniseries written by Camrus Johnson and Kelsey Barnhart, with art by Loyiso Mkize.

The comic falls into the “dystopian competition” genre — one of my favorite genres — where real-life contestants try to make it to the top of what appears to be a virtual Tower. The story focuses on three of them, who “have to smarten up and join forces if they intend to survive, using their individualized weapons and animal assistants to outsmart deadly traps and ambushes.”

This fourth issue brings a change in artist, as Mkize takes over from ChrisCross. Johnson and Mkize previously worked together on a story for Batman: Urban Legends featuring Batwing, the character Johnson played on The CW’S Batwoman.

“First, I have to shout out Loyiso Mkize who takes over on art for issues #4 and 5, and absolutely crushes it. His work is beautiful and I can’t wait for people to see all of it because he blew me away,” Johnson said. “Tower #4 might just be my favorite issue; there’s just so dang much that goes down! We get a glimpse inside all three of our leads’ minds, not just Casandra’s. Now that our main three are officially no longer a team and in separate parts of the Tower making their way to the top, they each have their own journeys that we get to track. And each has an absolutely massive change that affects the way they’ll move throughout the next and final issue. If you thought there was a ton of action before, this penultimate issue is jam packed with it, including my favorite fight of the whole series. Oh and I just have to say, I love the final panel. It’s about to get real.”

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