Dark Horse brews an ‘Elixir’ for next year

Frank J. Barbiere, Ricky Mammone and Victor Santos bring a new graphic novel that mixes technology and magic to Dark Horse.

Frank J. Barbiere, Ricky Mammone and Victor Santos will team up on a new graphic novel, Elixir, that’s set to be published by Dark Horse Comics next March.

The dark fantasy story combines magic with modern technology, as the daughter of a druid seeks an artifact known as the “Elixir.”

“I began my career in Europe doing fantasy comics but basically I am known in the USA as a noir-crime author,” Santos said. “Thanks to this new collaboration with my partner Frank Barbiere and with the addition of the talented writer Ricky Mammone, I have had the chance to build a world with all the elements and aesthetics I loved reading as a teen but with my experience as a creator and a more modern point of view of what a good fantasy story should be.”

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Mammone + Bertolini offer ‘Second Chances’ in August

The new Image Comics series offers second chances to the desperate in August.

Image Comics has announced a new “action-packed noir” series by Ricky Mammone and Max Bertolini. Second Chances is about a hotline you can call that offers just that — a second chance through a new identity.

Second Chances is a bizarre noir about how we can let mistakes define us,” said Mammone. “I think nowadays we forget that it’s very human to mess things up. With this series, we want to ask the questions what’s worth forgiving and most importantly, can we give ourselves a second chance?” 

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