Today only: Back this Kickstarter comic about a dog and his magic towel

Shaun Manning and Esther Pimentel crowdfund ‘Baxter and the Magic Towel’ in a one-day campaign.

I’m planning to do another round-up of crowdfunding comics projects this weekend, but by the time I get to it, this one might be over. So here you go: Shaun Manning and Esther Pimentel have teamed up for a one-shot about a dog and his magic towel. It’s called Baxter and the Magic Towel.

“Written and (to the degree necessary) lettered by Shaun Manning and illustrated by Esther Pimentel, this is a light, fun story about a super-family chasing their dog around town while Baxter tries to evade them using his own ultra-canine abilities,” their Kickstarter page says.

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Comics Lowdown: We’re all doomed! Or not!

A writer predicts the demise of Marvel comics, but the DC honchos are bullish on their medium. Plus: Sitting down with Los Bros Hernandez.

Let’s kick things off with some doom and gloom! At the Disney theme park fan site The Kingdom Insider, Thom Pratt asks “Will Disney Stop Publishing Marvel Comic Books?” Pratt makes some good points: The Marvel universe most people are familiar with comes from the movies, not the comics; the comics themselves are not really accessible to most people, both literally (because of the uneven distribution and quality of comic shops) and figuratively (because the storylines cross over and the continuity is complex); and the profits are low relative to what a large corporation like Disney expects. Of course, this is all unvarnished speculation, with no insider knowledge, but there’s food for thought here—and as Pratt points out, Marvel is already outsourcing its digests to Archie and its young-readers Star Wars comics to IDW.

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