Slugfest | Spawny returns to kill off … Spawn?

Plus: News and announcements on ‘Uncanny X-Men,’ ‘Gilt Frame,’ Godzilla, Blacksad, ThunderCats and more.

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McFarlane Productions has been on a roll introducing Spawn into various genres, and this summer they’ll return to the world of humor and satire with Spawn Kills Every Spawn. Like the previous Spawn Kills Everyone and Spawn Kills Everyone Too, this comic features the tiniest Spawn, Spawny, deciding to kill another set of comic characters — the Spawn universe.

Written by John Layman and illustrated by Rob “Sketchcraft” Duenas and colorist Robert Nugent, the five-issue miniseries sees Spawny arrive at a Spawn convention filled with Spawns from around the multiverse, all of whom are more popular than him. So he decides to become the most popular by eliminating the competition.

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Todd McFarlane has even more plans for expanding the Spawn Universe

The ‘New U’ titles will tackle different genres, including science fiction, true crime, fantasy and more.

Hey it’s Todd McFarlane Day — happy birthday to the creator of Spawn!

That seems like the perfect day to talk about McFarlane’s plan for growing the Spawn universe, as the shared universe he announced back in 2021 will expand with several “New U” titles this year, starting with Sam & Twitch Case Files next week.

Here’s the rundown …

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