DC, USPS celebrate Wonder Woman’s 75th with Forever stamps

Four stamps featuring the character go on sale in October.

DC Comics and the United States Postal Service revealed a set of Forever stamps this week celebrating the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman.

Created by William Moulton Marston, Wonder Woman burst onto the scene in October 1941 in a back-up story for All Star Comics #8 and moved on to her own title by the next year. She’s been a mainstay of comics, pop culture, and occasionally politics and social issues ever since. The stamps were designed by art director Greg Breeding and include four images: a Modern Age image by Cliff Chiang, a Bronze Age image by José Luis García-López, a Silver Age image by Irv Novick and a Golden Age image by Jon L. Blummer.


Hat tip to ComicsAlliance for doing the legwork to figure out who did each image, since it wasn’t included in any of the press materials.

The stamps are being displayed at Comic-Con International this week, and go on sale to the public Oct. 7, in conjunction with the New York Comic-Con.

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