Quoted: Jeff Lemire on his work process, what makes him happy

The writer of Black Hammer, Bloodshot, Thanos and many other titles provides a look into how he gets all his work done — and why he loves it.

Jeff Lemire, writer of Black Hammer, Old Man Logan, Bloodshot, Descender and many, many, MANY other projects, in a long process post where he talks about how he balances his time. It’s impressive and a bit humbling to hear how far ahead he is with all the titles he writes.

So, how do I do as much as I do? First, I’ve always been a very organized and self-motivated person and had a great work ethic. Before making a living in comics I worked as a line cook at a variety of restaurants in downtown Toronto. Being a line cook isn’t about knowing how to cook, it’s about knowing how to stay organized and how to manage your time and do a lot of things at once. Furthermore, when I was working nights in these restaurants I was also trying to make comics, so I would wake up early and draw all day before going back to restaurant for my next shift. I had a window of 5-6 hours a day to do comics and I maximized that and took full advantage of it. I think I carried a lot of the mindset from those early days into my work as a cartoonist and writer now.

Secondly, I love making comics, It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. So, basically I have no social life at all. Really. I don’t want one. The older I get the more I just want to do what makes me happy. And the two things that make me the most happy are making comics and spending time with my wife and son. So that’s basically ALL I do. And I’m happier for it.

He also shared a preview from AD: After Death, his upcoming collaboration with writer Scott Snyder:


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