Dark Horse to publish ‘American Gods’ comic

P. Craig Russell, Scott Hampton and many more will adapt Neil Gaiman’s novel into a 27-issue comic series.

With all the attention on the upcoming television adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods novel, it’s no surprise that Dark Horse Comics has announced a comic book adaptation as well.

“There’s a tremendous amount of excitement, in my house and in the world, about the American Gods TV series coming up on Starz,” Gaiman said in a press release. “What we’ve managed to keep a secret until now is that there is something just as exciting out there: American Gods, the comic. I’ve been watching P. Craig Russell breaking down the book into comic form, watching Scott Hampton painting the pages, watching Glenn Fabry create the covers, and grinning to myself with delight, because the American Gods comic is going to be an astonishing, faithful and beautiful adaptation.”

Russell’s no stranger to Gaiman’s work, as he collaborated with him on multiple Sandman projects, and did the comic adaptations of Coraline and The Graveyard Book. David Mack and Dave McKean will provide variant covers for the first issue, and the series will feature guest interior art by Walt Simonson, Mark Buckingham, Colleen Doran and more.

Dark Horse will adapt American Gods into 27 single issues with three story arcs: “Shadows,” “My Ainsel” and “The Moment of the Storm,” to be collected into three hardcover graphic novels. The first issue of American Gods: Shadows goes on sale March 15, 2017.

The Hugo, Locus and Nebula-award winning novel debuted in 2001, and the plot revolves around the idea that when immigrants came to America, they brought the idea of their gods with them — and those gods physically manifested and live among mortals. A recently released convict named Shadow takes a job working for a man named Mr. Wednesday, the American version of Odin, who is preparing for a huge battle that will pit the old gods vs. the new gods — gods of transportation, media and the Internet.


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