Get your subscription for Michel Fiffe’s ‘Copra’ now

Fiffe offers the next six chapters in the ‘Copra’ saga for $30.

Michel Fiffe is up to issue #29 of his hit independent series Copra, which he self-publishes and sells on Etsy. The single issues can sell out pretty quickly, but if you want to make sure you get your hands on his next six comics, he’s now offering a subscription.

For $30, you get:

  • Copra #29-31
  • The final three installments in the Copra Versus miniseries, which spotlights Copra villains. These will include Los Asesinos (from Copra #19), the Ochizon horsemen (from #11 and 12), and the Vitas crew (from #1).

“This sub is perfect for both you and your friends, new readers and dedicated collectors, revenge enthusiasts and lovers of psychedelic bloodshed,” Fiffe says on his Etsy site. If you haven’t checked out this raw, imaginative tribute to the 1980s Suicide Squad, you can read the first issue for free on Fiffe’s website.


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