‘Usagi,’ ‘Giant Days,’ ‘Octopus Pie’ among NCS divisional nominees

The National Cartoonists Society announces the divisional nominees for the 71st Annual NCS Reuben Awards.

The National Cartoonists Society has announced the 2016 NCS Divisional nominees for the 71st Annual NCS Reuben Awards, which annually recognize creators of comic strips, animation, illustrations, comic books and more. The winners will be announced May 27, and the nominees for their biggest award, the Reuben itself, should be coming later this month.

Among this year’s comic book nominees are Stan Sakai for his long-running (and always excellent) Usagi Yojimbo, published by Dark Horse; Giant Days by Max Sarin & Liz Fleming, published by BOOM!; and Locke & Key by Gabriel Rodriguez (note that only the illustrators are listed in the nominations; John Allison writes Giant Days, while Joe Hill writes Locke & Key). In the graphic novel category, Cousin Joseph by Jules Feiffer and published by Liveright Publishing, Black Dahlia by Rick Geary and published by NBM, and The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia by Bryan Talbot and published by Dark Horse were nominated.

On the webcomics front, Octopus Pie by Meredith Gran, Band vs. Band by Kathleen Jacques and OMG Check Please by Ngozi Ukazu make up the “long form” category while Sarah’s Scribbles by Sarah Anderson, Donald and John by Ruben Bolling and Sheldon by Dave Kellett get the nod in the “short form” category.

Below is the full list of the nominees.

Editorial cartoons

  • Ruben Bolling
  • Michael Luckovich
  • Jen Sorensen

Newspaper Illustration

  • Anton Emdin
  • Glen Le Lievre
  • David Rowe

Feature Animation

  • Moana – Eric Goldberg (Character Animation)
  • Zootopia – Cory Loftis (Character Design)
  • Finding Dory – Erick Oh (Character Animation)

Television Animation

  • The Simpsons – Eric Goldberg
  • Atomic Puppet – Steve Lambe & Alan Stewart
  • The Loud House – Chris Savino

Newspaper Panels

  • Loose Parts – Dave Blazek
  • Nick and Zuzu – Nick Galifianakis
  • Off the Mark – Mark Parisi

Gag Cartoons

  • Pat Byrnes
  • Joe Dator
  • Will McPhail

Advertising / Product Illustration

  • Anton Emdin
  • Luke McGarry
  • Dave Whammond

Greeting Cards

  • Dave Blazek
  • Maria Scrivan
  • Deb Tomassi

Comic Books

  • Giant Days – Max Sarin & Liz Fleming
  • Locke & Key – Gabriel Rodriguez
  • Usagi Yojimbo – Stan Sakai

Graphic Novels

  • Cousin Joseph – Jules Feiffer
  • Black Dahlia – Rick Geary
  • The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia – Bryan Talbot

Magazine Feature / Illustration

  • Jon Adams
  • Teresa Burns Parkhurst
  • Peter Kuper

Online Comics – Long Form

Online Comics – Short Form

Book Illustration

  • Mike Lester
  • Mark Tatulli
  • Dave Whamond

Newspaper Strips

  • Pickles – Brian Crane
  • Dustin – Steve Kelley & Jeff Parker
  • Pajama Diaries – Terri Libenson

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