Batman ’66 to meet the Legion of Super-Heroes, courtesy of the Allreds

Lee, Michael and Laura Allred team up for a one-shot featuring time travel, Egghead, Universo and more.

The creative team behind the DC/Young Animal Bug title Bug!: The Adventures of Forager will turn their attention to the 30th century this June in the Batman ’66 Meets The Legion of Super-Heroes one-shot special.

Michael Allred was the cover artist for the digital series before it ended last year, and teamed up with Lee on issue #73. Michael Allred said on Twitter they’ve been working on this one-shot since they wrapped production on that issue.

The project was initially announced on DC’s All Access web series, while Michael Allred shared information about the project on his Facebook page:

In pursuit of the time-travelling criminal known as Universo, the super-powered kids from the 30th Century travel back to the 1960s to enlist the aid of the ‘greatest teen super-hero ever’ Robin, the Boy Wonder. But meanwhile, Batman’s hard-boiled nemesis Egghead has stolen one of their unattended time bubbles and taken off to the Legion’s time period. Looks like Batman has to head to far flung future with one group of heroes while Robin stays in the swinging sixties with another. Holy time paradox!

Lee Allred, who is writing the project, has been sharing images of his brother’s art on Twiiter:

In addition to the Legion, Batman, Robin, Egghead and Universo, it looks like we can expect appearances by a lot of other DC characters as well. Watch for it on comiXology starting June 14.

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