‘Classic’ Archie returns by Dan Parent and Ty Templeton

‘Your Pal Archie’ launches in July.

With reboot Archie, zombie Archie and CW Archie all going strong, longtime fans of the character might have been wondering if they’d ever see the classic Dan DeCarlo/Bob Montana version of the character in comic books again. Fear not; Archie Comics announced today a new series, My Pal Archie, by Dan Parent and Ty Templeton, that brings back the Archie you remember … mostly.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to be drawing in the classic style for so long, that I eventually formed my own style based on the Dan DeCarlo/Bob Montana model,” Parent said in a press release. “In addition to drawing lots of classic Archie stories for the digests, I’ve been working on the digital first series Life with Kevin, starring Kevin Keller. I had a feeling a classic monthly title might come back into the fold. So here it is!”

Per the release, Parent and Templeton have tweaked the artwork a bit, noting it “will be influenced from the styles and fashion of The CW’s hit new Riverdale TV series, but will remain familiar for fans of the classic style.” Take a look:

“The influence from the show is more of a fashion makeover for me. I’ve changed the hairstyles a bit, and the clothes. And the faces are a little more detailed, but the line work is still the simple classic lines I’ve always used,” Parent said.

“This made me a hero to my children,” said Templeton. “I consider it an honor to write Archie’s latest adventures and a big responsibility that I take very seriously until I remember that it’s my job to dump Archie in a bucket of squid now and then or it won’t be fun.”

The new series debuts in July. Issues #1-5 will feature a connecting variant cover by artist Les McClaine that forms a giant image of Pop’s Chock’lit Shop featuring Archie Comics’ most beloved characters.

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