Kesel and Grummett’s ‘Section Zero’ returns via Kickstarter

The former Gorilla Comics title could finally be completed, with your help.

Back in 2000 several creators whose names most comic fans will recognize came together and formed their own imprint, Gorilla Comics. Although the imprint didn’t last long, several of the titles that originated under it went on to find new life — Mark Waid and Barry Kitson’s Empire, for instance, ended up at DC, while Tellos by Todd Dezago and Mike Wieringo was Published through Image Comics (which initially published all the Gorilla titles).

Karl Kesel, the Eisner Award-winning inker who also has written comics like Fantastic Four and Harley Quinn, teamed up with Tom Grummett (they created the 1990s Superboy together) to create a six-issue miniseries called Section Zero for Gorilla Comics. Only three issues were completed, however, as Kesel had to step away for personal reasons. After a brief return in 2012 as a webcomic, Kesel and Grummett have turned to Kickstarter to “help us finally finish what we begun.”

With a goal of $62,000, Kesel and Grummett want to produce a 150-page Section Zero collection which would include all the previously seen Section Zero content plus 60+ pages of new material. It would also include sketches, commentary, a gallery of characters by artists like Chris Samnee and Walt Simonson, among others, and an intro by Kurt Busiek. They aren’t quite halfway there at this point, so head over to Kickstarter to see they are offering. For $10 you can get a PDF of the book, which is a pretty good deal. The campaign ends June 1.

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