Frank Miller, John Romita Jr. team up for ‘Superman: Year One’

Miller surprises panelists at DC’s “Master Class” panel today to break the news.

Following the theme of earlier panels hosted by Dan DiDio, co-publisher at DC Comics, their “Master Class” panel at Comic-Con International today had a surprise guest — Frank Miller, creator of Sin City, The Dark Knight Returns and many other classic comics.

But Miller wasn’t just there to chat about comics art (which he did do). He announced that he and his Daredevil: The Man Without Fear collaborator John Romita Jr. are teaming up to retell the early days of Superman in Superman: Year One.

The panel followed in the footsteps of two other panels hosted by DiDio earlier in the con; one where he revealed Grant Morrison is working on a second Wonder Woman Earth One OGN and Arkham Asylum 2, and one where he revealed Jeff Lemire was returning to DC to work on The Terrifics and Hawkman. See the entire panel report on Newsarama.

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