Jeff Lemire returns to DC Comics for ‘The Terrifics,’ Hawkman

Mr. Terrific, Metamorpho, Plastic Man and Phantom Girl will comprise a new team written by Lemire and dranw by Ivan Reis.

Former Animal Man, Green Arrow and Justice League Dark writer Jeff Lemire will return to DC Comics for two titles related to the Fall crossover event Dark Knights: Metal.

Like yesterday, DC co-publisher Dan DiDio pulled a surprise guest up on stage during a panel, this time one on Dark Knights: Metal and the line of titles that will follow it, Dark Matter:

Lemire will write The Terrifics, due out in 2018, and it’ll feature four characters on the left side of this image:

Specifically Mr. Terrific, Plastic Man, Metamorpho and the unnamed female floating above them (Update: It’s Phantom Girl!). Ivan Reis is the artist.

In addition, Newsarama reports that Lemire is writing a Hawkman Found one-shot with artists Bryan Hitch and Kevin Nowlan. They also report that an ongoing Hawkman series following that is a possibility.

After helping to relaunch the New 52 and serving as one of their key writers, Lemire has been absent from DC Comics for about two years, working on his own creator-owned stuff like Black Hammer, and working for Marvel on Hawkeye, Old Man Logan, Extraordinary X-Men and Thanos.

During the panel DiDio shared a bit more about Dark Knights: Metal, Dark Matter and how the two relate to each other:

“What excites me most about our blockbuster event Metal is that it takes full advantage of the talent and vision of the creative teams working at DC right now,” said DiDio. “Dark Days leads to Dark Knights, and Dark Knights leads to Dark Matter. Everyone on stage here today, as well as the teams back at home working on their books, is bringing the power and energy expected from superhero storytelling to the pages of these new titles.”

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