Ferrier & Langridge’s ‘Criminy’ doesn’t have a publisher (yet)

The ‘D4VE’ writer shares pages of “a dream project” that still needs a home.

Ryan Ferrier, writer of D4VE and Kennel Block Blues, shares on social media that he’s been working with Roger Langridge (Iron Duchess, The Muppets) on something new — something so new, in fact, that it doesn’t have a publisher yet.

“Criminy! Roger Langridge & I have been working on a dream project (still needs a home),” Ferrier said on Tumblr. “Can’t help show off his stunning pages. I love this book, and working with Roger has been an absolute ‘pinch me’ experience.”

Ferrier shared four pages of something I’d love to read, which I’ve posted below. My kid has become addicted to old Animaniacs cartoons on Netflix, and I couldn’t help but think about the Warner Brothers (and Sister!) at first glance. Someone get on publishing this, like now, so I can read the rest.

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