Zatanna heads back to school in ‘Mystik U’

New miniseries by Alisa Kwitney and Mike Norton re-imagines several of DC’s mystical characters as college students.

Everybody’s favorite backwards-talking sorceress is gearing up a return to college in Mystik U, a prestige-format limited series by Alisa Kwitney and Mike Norton that “will reimagine the lives of four of DC’s magic users in spectacular new ways.” It sounds like it could the spiritual successor to Gotham Academy, which recently wrapped up.

Mystik U is about a sheltered show biz kid (Zatanna), a bitter rebel (Sebastian Faust, son of Felix), a split personality (Enchantress), a competitive premed student (new character Pia Morales), and an awkward prodigy (Sargon the Sorceror) all discovering that they have the capacity to perform real magic,” Norton said. “They’re enrolled at a university for the magically gifted, where the world’s most powerful practitioners of magic will mentor their fledgling talents…and try to discover which of them is fated to betray the others and become a powerful force of evil.”

Besides Zatanna, they’re pulling in several magic types from DC’s past, re-imagined as college students. Kwitney goes into more detail on each of them:

I wanted some of the more obscure magical characters from the DCU because I knew I would have the freedom to explore different aspects of them. For example, it seemed clear to me that Sargon should be from the Middle East. The historical Sargon of Akkad was the founder of a dynasty that ruled over what is now Iran and Iraq and beyond. I also wanted to look more closely at Sargon’s relationship with his ruby. Does it give him his powers, or enhance them? And at what cost?

I wanted a brooding, aloof, tormented Heathcliff type, because that’s always sexy, and Sebastian Faust fit the bill perfectly. I mean, he gets his powers because his father, the evil sorcerer Felix Faust, betrays him and uses him. And Faust (the son) needs to conceal his eyes with dark glasses because he’s not in complete control of his power. That’s just deliciousness to a writer. I don’t know why everyone hasn’t been clamoring to write more Faust.

As for Enchantress, I wanted to show a different side of her. I don’t see June Moon and Enchantress as a good girl/bad girl split, or a clear case of possession. I mean, who hasn’t gone to college and experimented a bit and discovered a new side of themselves?

And then there’s Zatanna. There’s so much expectation placed on her—she’s the one who comes into the book, and the school, with a reputation, with history and baggage. Everyone expects her to be the one to watch—so how does that impact on her? And what happens when she doesn’t perform as well as she—and everyone else—expects?

Pia, who is the new character, is clearly the most obscure. She thought she was on one track—medical school—until her powers manifested and she realized she had to figure out what to do with this new ability. She’s also snarky and opinionated. I get tired of seeing ensemble casts where the guys get all the funny lines and the girls are always left saying, “Come on, it’s time to get back to work.” Pia’s a bit of a wiseass.

The first 48-page issue of Mystik U will appear Nov. 29. Check out the full solicit for the comic below:



Leave the world of the mundane behind and step through the magical doors of Mystik U! After a tragic accident, a young Zatanna Zatara, under the guidance of Rose Psychic, enrolls in a mysterious university that teaches its students how to master their unique brands of magic. Will Zatanna fit in with her new classmates (Enchantress, Sargon the Sorcerer, Faust and more!) and unlock her true potential? Find out in this exciting bimonthly miniseries from novelist Alisa Kwitney (DESTINY) and Mike Norton (Revival, Runaways)!

On sale NOVEMBER 29 • 48 pg, FC, 1 of 3, $5.99 US • RATED T+

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