IDW, Hasbro to launch Stretch Armstrong comic

Tie-in to the Netflix cartoon ‘Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters’ launches in January.

The nostalgia wave continues with the re-introduction of Stretch Armstrong, the flexible action figure from the ’70s. Following his re-release by Hasbro and the upcoming Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters cartoon on Netflix, IDW has announced plans for a comic featuring the stretchy heroes, due out in January.

The comic will be written by series executive producers and head writers Kevin Burke and Chris “Doc” Wyatt, with art by Nikos Koutsis. Cover art will be provided by Aluir Amancio and Koutsis. Burke & Wyatt developed Stretch Armstrong for television in collaboration with fellow executive producer, Victor Cook.

“We’re so excited to bring Stretch Armstrong into comics with IDW,” said Burke. “Our teen superhero TV series is very much influenced by classic comics, so Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters having their own monthly print adventures feels like a perfect fit.”

Per the release, Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters stars Jake Armstrong, a teenage superhero who teams up with his riends after experimental chemicals give them powers. He’s joined by Omni-Mass and Wingspan as they fight crime in Charter City.

Although introduced by Kenner in 1976, Stretch Armstrong wouldn’t appear in comics until 2011, in Hasbro’s promotional comic Unit:E. The comic was released as a New York Comic-Con exclusive and featured several Hasbro properties coming together, including Candyland, Stretch Armstrong, Micronauts, Jem, MASK, Battleship and Action Man.

“We’re carefully designing the Stretch Armstrong comic book stories to work as ‘stand alones’ for people who haven’t seen the Netflix series yet, but to also reward viewers of the show with more depth on their favorite characters,” said Wyatt. “We’re having a blast writing these issues.”

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