First Second announces new ‘Maker Comics’ series

Robyn Chapman will edit the line that taps into “DIY energy.”

Graphic novel publisher First Second announced today a new series of “DIY”-type books called Maker Comics.

“Comics is THE medium for visual instruction—there is no better way to offer step-by-step directions for complex tasks,” their Tumbler post reads. “For perfect examples, look no farther than the safety brochure on your next flight or the instructions that come with your IKEA furniture. With Maker Comics, we pair visual instruction with narrative. Each volume has its own characters and story. And seamlessly woven into that story are instructions for five to ten fun projects that readers can complete themselves.”

This sounds like a pretty good complement to their Science Comics line. Robyn Chapman of Paper Rocket fame will edit Maker Comics.

“Discovering a hobby is an exciting and empowering experience. Through hobbies, kids build their identities. Maker Comics will tap into that DIY energy and give kids the tools they need to follow their passions,” said Chapman. “The DIY ethos is very dear to me. I started making crafts in Girl Scouts and then published my first zine as a teenager. Now I’m an adult, but I still make crafts and zines!”

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