Sink your teeth into a preview of ‘Sucker’

Jason McNamara and Tony Talbert team up to kickstart a new ‘grind house vampire adventure.’

The Rattler co-creator Jason McNamara has returned to Kickstarter with his longtime collaborator Tony Talbert for a new vampire tale called Sucker.

McNamara and Talbert have worked together on several projects in the past, including Continuity, First Moon and Less Than Hero. This time around they’re creating “a grind house vampire adventure” geared toward mature readers. John Heebink and Paul Little round out the creative team.

And we’ve got a 10-page preview you can check out below.

In the 1980’s, Bruce Jacobs was a ruthless vampire stockbroker, living under the radar and partying like a king. But his excesses sent him into a self-imposed exile. Since then, an unscrupulous pharmaceutical industry has decimated the vampire population in an effort to duplicate their longevity.

Now, Jacobs has re-emerged to discover that, as the last surviving vampire, he alone controls the most precious commodity of all: immortality.

And he’s not looking to share…

Check out the Kickstarter campaign for more information.

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