DC Universe service to cost $7.99 a month

Pre-order the service to get a full year for $74.99.

At Comic-Con International this week, DC Comics released more details on the DC Universe streaming app, which will include movies, TV shows, comics and more.

You’ll be able to subscribe to it for $7.99 a month. Right now they’re offering a pre-order price through July 22 of $74.99 for the entire year on the new service’s website; you’ll also be entered into a drawing to attend the premiere of the Aquaman film.

So what will you have access to, comic-wise, on the app? The Beat’s Alexander Lu got a hands-on demo at the convention, and shared what he saw:

Eager fans will be excited to learn that the DC Universe app will launch with a sizable collection of comics. While titles will rotate in and out of the service on a regular basis, upon launch, fans will be able to gain access to full runs of series including Y: the Last Man, American Vampire, and 52. Not only is the service full of DC mainstays such as the aforementioned titles and books like The Dark Knight Returns, we were able to locate a variety of lesser known DC titles available on the app during the press preview, including an old Ambush Bug miniseries and Cosmic Boy. We didn’t see evidence that extreme deep cuts like Thriller or Hawkworld were available for download, which otherwise would have made this app a godsend for hardcore DC fans and a more direct competitor to Marvel Unlimited, but its clear that even with that catalog as it currently stands, there are titles sure to appeal to fans both new and old.

The service kicks off this fall.

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