Fiona Staples nominated for a World Fantasy Award

The ‘Saga’ artist adds another award nomination to her long list, just as she and Brian K. Vaughan announce the book will go on hiatus for a year.

Saga artist Fiona Staples has been nominated for a World Fantasy Award, in the “Artist” category. Although other nominees have created comics or comic covers in the past, she’s the only nominee in the category who is known primarily for her comics work.

The winners will be announced at the World Fantasy Convention in November.

The Canadian artist has been working on comics since 2005; her body of work includes DV8, North 40, and the reboot of Archie with Mark Waid. She’s been working on Saga with Brian K. Vaughan since 2012. In this week’s the duo announced the book will go on a year-long hiatus. She’s no stranger to awards, having won multiple Harvey and Eisner awards, and this year Saga is also up for a Hugo award.

The other nominees in the category includes:

  • Gregory Manchess
  • Victo Ngai
  • Omar Rayyan
  • Rima Staines
  • Fiona Staples

The World Fantasy Awards recognize “the best fantasy fiction published in the preceding year, as well as the special achievements of the genre’s practitioners and supporters.” Nominations came from members of the current convention, as well as the previous two, who were able to vote two nominations onto the final ballot. The remaining nominations came from this year’s panel of judges: David Anthony Durham, Christopher Golden, Juliet E. McKenna, Charles Vess and Kaaron Warren.


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