Drawn + Quarterly announces 2019 titles

At Comic-Con International, Drawn and Quarterly announced new titles by Lynda Barry, Vanessa Davis, Eleanor Davis, Yoshiharu Tsuge and more.

Canadian publisher Drawn and Quarterly announced many of their upcoming 2019 graphic novels in San Diego earlier this month, revealing new titles from Lynda Barry, Yoshiharu Tsuge, Kevin Huizenga, Vanessa Davis and more.

Take a look at what they have planned below, and note that none of the cover art is final …

Making Comics by Lynda Barry, Fall 2019

In the spirit of Syllabus: Notes From An Accidental Professor, Lynda Barry returns with another dazzlingly innovative and instructional creative how-to, this time zeroing in on the comics-making process. Writing prompts, timed exercises, practical tips and monsters of all make abound.

Yoshiharu Tsuge series beginning Fall 2019

Yoshiharu Tsuge’s early work defined the gekiga movement and his comics for Garo have been a touchstone for generations of cartoonists to follow, in Japan and elsewhere. For the very first time, his gorgeous work, at times surreal and introspective, at times grimly realist, will be available in English.

Tomorrow by Eleanor Davis, Fall 2019

The author of Why Art?, How To Be Happy, and Me & A Bike & A Road engages with our political moment, exploring what it means to care for those around you through one’s work, in the community, and in one’s personal relationships.

Is There A Rational Adult Anywhere? by Vanessa Davis, Fall 2019

Vanessa Davis is a master of the deeply funny, utterly intimate autobiographical comic. Is There A Rational Adult Anywhere? collects her Terry Southern Award-winning comics for the Paris Review as well as other new material.

The Year of the Rabbit by Tian, Fall 2019

A harrowing, deeply personal account of the murderous rise to power of the Khmer Rouge. The Year of the Rabbit begins in 1975, when the author, Tian, was a newborn, and his family was part of a bloody mass exodus from Phnom Penh. It is based on first hand accounts from his parents and other close relatives.

Ganges by Kevin Huizenga, Fall 2019

Visionary formalist Huizenga dives deep into Glenn Ganges’s insomnia. Bed-ridden frustration during the quiet of night-time becomes a jumping off point to explore dream worlds, internal strife and one’s relationship with the world.

King of King Court by Travis Dandro, Spring 2019

From a child’s-eye view, Travis Dandro recounts his childhood with a drug-addicted birth father, alcoholic step-dad, and overwhelmed mother, tempering the horror with flights of juvenile fancy.

The Follies of Richard Wadsworth by Nick Maandag, Spring 2019

Nick Maandag’s debut book offers up his signature blend of deadpan satire and exceedingly unexpected plot twists, where interpersonal boundaries are pushed to preposterous extremes.

Grass by Keum Suk Gendry-Kim, translated by Janet Hong, Spring 2019

This true story of a Korean girl who was forced to become a comfort woman to the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II documents how the atrocity of war devastates women’s lives.

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