Bryan Fuller’s canceled shows find new life in ‘Mind Palace’

Dave Dwonch and Santi Guillen bring back Hannibal, Ned the piemaker and more in a new webcomic.

If you were a fan of Pushing Daisies, Hannibal or Dead Like Me, there’s a new webcomic that’s just for you. Dave Dwonch and Santi Guillen have created a “love letter” to Bryan Fuller‘s canceled TV creations in Mind Palace.

“It’s clear that Bryan poured his heart into every single project he’s worked on, and his genius is obviously there on the screen. I can only imagine how much it must have hurt losing any of these shows. You go through the grieving process and tuck the memories into your mind. That’s the real premise of Mind Palace,” Dwonch said in a press release.

Yes, that’s right — Mind Palace takes place in Fuller’s head, where Hannibal and Ned the pie maker and Jaye Tyler from Wonderfalls, among others, all exist together, running a bed and breakfast.

“Think of Mind Palace as Herman’s Head, but with 100 percent more murder,” Dwonch said. “Some of these characters have been trapped in Bryan’s mind for years. It’s going to affect some of them in ways that are going to surprise readers. Things will get even more complicated as a certain someone comes to visit. We’ve got a lot of strange, scary things planned.”

You can read the comic over at the Mind Palace website. It shouldn’t be confused with the Pushing Daisies comic that was talked about years ago but never saw the light of day.

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