Norm Breyfogle has passed away at age 58

The artist most associated with Batman in the late 1980s/early 1990s and the co-creator of Malibu’s Prime passed away this past Monday.

Norm Breyfogle, one of the artists most associated with Batman in the late 1980s and early 1990s, has passed away. His friend Daniel Best posted the news on Facebook.

While Breyfogle’s comics career started in 1984, in a story published in DC Comics’ New Talent Showcase, that wasn’t his actual first published comics work. As a teenager, he responded to a request to create a new costume for Robin, and his entry appeared in Batman Family #13.

About 15 years later, Breyfogle would get the chance to draw Robin in the pages of Batman — a new Robin, Tim Drake, who wore a new version of the costume. Breyfogle and writer Alan Grant worked on Batman together for a number of years, working on Detective Comics, Batman and then a new title, Batman: Shadow of the Bat. Together they introduced Ventriloquist, Ratcatcher, Jeremiah Arkham, Mr. Zsasz and Amygdala to the Batman mythos. Breyfogle also painted the graphic novel Batman: Birth of the Demon.

Breyfogle would go on to co-create the character Prime from Malibu Comics, along with Bob Jacob, Gerard Jones and Len Strazewski. Prime served as one of the main flagship characters of the line, and Breyfogle drew the series for 12 issues. He also created the comic book Metaphysique, which was published by Malibu. His other credits include Batman Beyond Unlimited, the ‘Bob Violence’ back-ups from American Flagg!, Tales of Terror, Whisper, Anarky, Hellcat, Archie and The Spectre, among others.

“I had the pleasure of working with Norm on The Spectre and he was a wonderful collaborator: his drawing was powerful, his storytelling impeccable and he really thought about the stories,” said writer J.M. DeMatteis. “Norm would call me up just to ask questions and discuss the philosophy underlying my scripts. He had a questing mind that dug deep—and that depth was reflected in his dynamic artwork.”

Breyfogle suffered a stroke in 2014, which led to a fundraising appeal to fans and assistance from the Hero Initiative.

Many creators have shared their reactions to the news on social media, noting their love for Breyfogle’s work — especially his version of Batman’s cape.

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