Weekly ‘Avengers: No Road Home’ kicks off next year

Writer Jim Zub shares details on the spiritual sequel to last year’s ‘Avengers: No Surrender,’ as he teams up with Al Ewing and Mark Waid for another weekly story.

Last year Avengers: No Surrender ran through all of Marvel’s various Avengers titles on a weekly basis, as the creators of those books tag-teamed on a giant story involving lots of Avengers, the Grandmaster, the Black Order, several new villains and a plot to steal the Earth.

One of the writers involved in the story was Jim Zub, who attended New York Comic Con last weekend to announce the “spiritual successor” to that story, the 10-week Avengers: No Road Home. He took to his blog this week to provide more details on the project.

Unlike “No Surrender,” “No Road Home” will not run through the Avengers titles — there’s actually only the one now, written by Jason Aaron. Instead it’ll be its own stand-alone series. Zub will once again work with Mark Waid and Al Ewing on writing it, while Paco Medina and Sean Izaakse will provide the art.

“Our creative team on No Surrender ran a tight ship in terms of organization and production and was well received by readers, retailers and reviewers, so it was a natural fit to see if we wanted to dive back in and do it again,” Zub said. “The chance to tackle another Avengers epic was too good an opportunity to pass by.”

“No Road Home” will have a smaller cast than its predecessor, and will include characters like Hercules, Spectrum, Scarlet Witch, Hulk and Hawkeye. “No Road Home is a tighter cast of Avengers, less than half the size, but no less exciting in terms of stakes and action. We wanted a leaner crew so we could spend more time with each character and advance their individual story lines more fully,” Zub said. Voyager, who was introduced in the previous story, will return, and Rocket Raccoon will be “drafted” onto the team.

Check out the first three covers from the series below, and see Zub’s blog post for more info.

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