Lou the Cat saves the galaxy in ‘Strayed’

Meet your new favorite feline in a miniseries from Dark Horse, coming in August.

It’s not secret that cats rule the world, and starting in summer they’re going galactic. Strayed, a new series by Carlos Giffoni, Juan Doe and Matt Krotzer, blasts into space — and comic shops — in August.

Here’s how Dark Horse describes the series:

In Dark Horse’s latest series, Strayed, life is bleak. A military-industrial complex reigns over all humanity and is actively destroying distant alien worlds. But there is hope for the galaxy yet and luckily, this hero has nine lives!

The fate of the universe rests in the paws of Lou, an astral-projecting cat and his loving owner Kiara. Desperate to preserve the well-being of billions, their revolt against the status quo is a battle for love, friendship, and the soul of humanity, all brought to you from psychedelic space!

I’m no detective, but if you’re wondering where the inspiration for the main character might have come from, Giffoni’s Twitter feed may offer some clues:

The comic will feature variant covers by Jim Mahfood, Alexis Ziritt, Matteo Scalera, Sanford Greene and, as seen below, Dustin Ngyuen:

If this whole project is just a way for Giffoni to get comic artists to draw his cat, then my hat is off to him. The first issue arrives in August.

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