IDW announces new publishing venture, Clover Press

IDW Publishing co-founders Ted Adams and Robbie Robbins will run the boutique publisher.

IDW Publishing co-founders Ted Adams and Robbie Robbins will lead a new publishing venture, Clover Press, focused on “on the book market and direct-to-consumer prestige format publications as a new, progressive, eclectic, boutique publisher.”

“Growing IDW Publishing with Robbie – from where it was 20 years ago to where it is today – has been an incredible ride,” says Adams. “Now with the company in excellent hands, it’s time to focus our attention on new projects. Our small team at Clover Press will be working on outside of the box projects that we are excited about, and we look forward to exploring new markets and getting more beautiful books out into the world.”

Their first publication, strangely enough, is a variant cover edition of the first issue of Silver Surfer Black, the upcoming miniseries by Donny Cates and Tradd Moore. The variant cover is by longtime IDW artist Gabriel Rodríguez. You can buy it on their website.

According to the press release, Clover “will be a home for outstanding creators who bring new levels of ingenuity and quality to the book market.” The company will announce its initial titles this summer.

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