Roger Stern returns to the Avengers with ‘Avengers: Loki Unleashed’

Artist Ron Lim joins the legendary Avengers writer for a new one-shot.

Longtime Avengers scribe Roger Stern, who put the team through its paces back in the 1980s, will return to comics for a one-shot pitting his era of the team against Loki.

Infinity Gauntlet and Silver Surfer artist Rom Lim joins Stern on the project, while Patrick Zircher provides the cover. The story is set after the infamous “Siegel storyline, which saw the Masters of Evil invade Avengers Mansion, circa Avengers #270. “While the Avengers are battered and beaten following the siege, Loki has found a new source of mystical energy, which can only be even more trouble for our heroes,” says.

Look for it in September.

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