New ‘Locke & Key’ story to debut in San Diego

‘Locke & Key: Nailed It!’ gets a convention exclusive preview at next month’s Comic-Con International.

Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriquez’s Locke & Key came out as a series of miniseries between 2008 and 2013, wrapping up with the Omega and Alpha issues that brought the story to a close. Or so it would seem …

Both IDW Publishing and Rodriquez have teased this month plans to reopen the doors to the Keyhouse, and now a list of exclusives being offered by IDW at Comic-Con International next month reveals a new comic: Locke & Key: Nailed It!

According to the listing:

Locke & Key: Nailed It! Convention Variant: Pick up the newest installment of the hit series by writer Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, which contains an original 10-page story plus tons of cool extras! This comic features a new cover by series artist Gabriel Rodriguez! 

Both Hill and Rodriquez will be in San Diego, no doubt revealing more details. Watch for more news on the series in mid-July.

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