Michel Fiffe loads another round of ‘Copra’ in October

A new first issue arrives Oct. 2 from Image Comics.

Michel Fiffe’s wonderful Copra moved to Image Comics earlier this year, bringing new editions of the five previous trade paperbacks to stores in May. But since then fans have been asking, “When will we see a new Copra series from Fiffe?”

The answer: October.

Image Comics has posted the solicitation text for a new first issue of Copra, which is due out Oct. 2:

Published: October 2, 2019
Diamond ID: AUG190053
Age Rating: M

Cover price: $3.99

COPRA returns in the first issue of its all-new ONGOING SERIES! Acclaimed comics auteur MICHEL FIFFE picks up where his band of mercenary misfits left off, reintroducing the entire cast of his Suicide Squad-esque revenge machine in a brutal standoff against their own leader. Jump right into the thick of it with the world’s greatest action team in this extra-length debut milestone—36 pages for just $3.99!

“I’m beyond excited to be returning to my own characters with all-new stories,” said Fiffe in a press release. “It’s been a minute since I last worked on Copra, but I’m back with laser focus and all is right in the universe. This first issue picks up right where the previous volume left off, so it’s an accessible continuation of the original arc. The hardcore fans and the new readers will both love it.”

And if you haven’t tried Copra before, don’t worry — you still have two months to get caught up with the trades Image released this year, or you can always read the previous issues digitally.

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