DC reveals more Jim Lee art from ‘Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium’

DC’s publisher teams up with longtime collaborators Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair on new pages for the project.

With the first issue of Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium arriving this Wednesday, DC Comics has released some additional preview pages by the art team of Jim Lee, Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair.

The trio of artists have worked together many times in the past, going back to the pre-DC Wildstorm days, and on titles like All-Star Batman and Robin, Batman: Hush and Superman. This time around, they’re working with writer Brian Michael Bendis as one of several art teams contributing to the two-issue miniseries.

It’s a collaboration that’s been in the works even before Bendis made the jump to DC from Marvel, as the writer told Entertainment Weekly that several years ago, he received a note from Lee asking if he’d like to work on Legion with him.

“I couldn’t legally do it at the time, and I wasn’t ready to leave Marvel yet, but that one hurt. That one stuck with me,” Bendis told EW.com. “That was the kind of thing where then you’re sitting there working on the project you’re supposed to be working on, but now you’ve got ‘oooh, Jim Lee Legion…’ in the back of  your head. When I got here, I knew with his responsibilities, there’s no way he can tackle the hardest, most dense comic of all time. But I was delighted he immediately jumped to be part of this. He rewarded us with some of the most beautiful pages.”

Check out those pages below:

Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium arrives in comic shops this Wednesday, followed by the second issue in October. Other artists involved in the project include Andrea Sorrentino, Dustin Nguyen, André Lima Araújo, Jim Cheung and more. The two-issue series sets up the return of the Legion of Super-Heroes to their own monthly title in November, by Bendis and Ryan Sook.

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