Hail to the king as Aaron, Asrar reteam for ‘King Conan’

Mahmud Asrar, Matt Wilson and Jason Aaron will continue telling Conan stories later this year.

It looks like the band is getting back together as artist Mahmud Asrar announced on Twitter that he’s working with writer Jason Aaron and colorist Matt Wilson on a new King Conan comic.

Here’s a better look at the artwork:

It doesn’t look like there’s an official announcement yet from Marvel, but I’ll update this when I see one. Aaron, Asrar and Wilson previously worked together on Conan the Barbarian, with last month’s issue 12 being their last on that title.

Update, Feb. 25: Aaron noted the new title in his most recent email newsletter:

As a I wrote about last time, the year-long “Life and Death of Conan” arc that helped welcome the Cimmerian back to Marvel was a tremendous amount of fun and the fulfillment of a dream I’ve had since I was a kid. But if you thought twelve issues was gonna be enough to sate my lifelong Conan hunger, well, think again.

So look for KING CONAN coming later in 2020, by the same art team of Mahmud Asrar and Matt Wilson.

I do like writing Kings, it seems.

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