Yang + Ruan + Tan team for ‘Shang-Chi’ in June

The miniseries will feature Shang-Chi going up against his super villain father, Zheng Zhu.

Marvel has announced a new miniseries starring martial arts master, former Avenger and current Agents of Atlas member Shang-Chi, by the team of Gene Luen Yang, Dike Ruan and Phillip Tan.

“I mean, it’s Shang-Chi,” Yang told the New York Times. “He’s probably the most prominent Asian — I guess he’s Asian-American now since he’s moved over here — Asian-American superhero.”

Here’s how Marvel describes the series:

In this new series, Shang-Chi’s fight for justice will collide with his past. When the hero finds himself pulled back into the fold, no one will be ready for what will be unleashed. With a target on his back after the revitalization of his father’s secret society, the balance of power will shift in an epic tale of succession, family, and betrayal.

Shang-Chi’s father was pulp villain Fu Manchu back in the 1970s, when Marvel licensed the rights to the character. After that license expired, his father’s name was changed to Zheng Zhu (which is what he’ll be called in this miniseries).

Yang is the writer of American Born Chinese, the just-released Dragon Hoops and DC’s The Terrifics. Ruan ha previously worked on Marvel’s Spider-Verse and Black Cat titles, while Tan has worked on … well, just about everything. In the book, Shang-Chi will sport a new costume designed by Jim Cheung.

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