Artists take the #SixFanarts Challenge

Melissa Capriglione kicked off a fun, art-filled meme in March — and the participants grew from there.

Way back in mid-March — which feels like a million years ago at this point, but was really just a few weeks back — Falconhyrste creator Melissa Capriglione kicked off a fun exercise that would turn into a widespread meme for artists across social media: The #SixFanarts Challenge.

What started has a simple tweet has blossomed into a fun and welcome distraction during these difficult times. And it’s pretty easy to participate: artists just ask their social media followers to throw out character names, and the artist draws six of them on a grid that Capriglione has provided.

Since then, it’s blown up, as artists the world over take requests from their followers and end up with a nice grid of six random characters. Capriglione has since put out a disclaimer that welcomes anyone who wants to participate to do just that.

“I’m glad that this challenge is helping everyone through the turbulent times,” she said in the disclaimer. “There are really no rules to this challenge, I do not expect to be credited, and just have fun with the challenge! I do ask that you leave my credit on the template so that people can find the original template, but it’s not mandatory or expected. You’re more than welcome to make your own template, too.”

Here are a few of the artists who have taken the challenge:

Even some writers have participated … kind of:

To see more, just follow the @SixFanArts hashtag on Twitter or your social media platform of choice.

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