2020 Doug Wright Awards nominees announced

Connor Willumsen, Sarah Leavitt, Jay Stephens, Chris Kuzma and more nominated for awards this year.

Nominees for the 2020 Doug Wright Awards, which honor “the best work and most promising talent in Canadian comics,” were announced this week. Conundrum Press leads the pack this year in terms of nominations, with four, while Drawn & Quarterly and Koyama Press each received two nominations.

The Doug Wright Awards also announced that Walter Ball, a longtime cartoonist for the Toronto Star and creator of the strip Rural Route, will be inducted into the “Giants of the North” hall of fame.

You can find the complete list of nominees below.

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Spidey practices social distancing in this awesome fan comic

Dewey Bass creates an unofficial comic that finds Spider-Man dealing with the current pandemic.

Dewey Bass has a pretty impressive collection of Spider-Man comics, so it’s no surprise that when he decided to make a comic about the coronavirus pandemic, he turned to the wall-crawler. His completely unofficial five-page Spider-Man comic, “Social Distancing,” has been liked or shared more than 42,000 times on Tumblr.

“I guess this is how I’m processing what we’re all going through right now. I had the stray thought, ‘What is Spider-Man doing during all this?’ and this happened,” Bass said on his Tumblr blog. “On the one hand, it’s kinda sloppy and inconsistent, but on the other hand, I had the idea Sunday night and I’m posting this Wednesday night. 5 color pages in 4 nights is pretty good work. Anyway. Hope everyone’s safe out there.”

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