Sunday’s Doonesbury strip featured a crossword puzzle designed by Trudeau’s son

Ross Trudeau took over his dad’s comic strip for a day to present a fun crossword puzzle about ‘Doonesbury.’

Doonesbury readers probably noticed this past Sunday that their regular strip was taken over by a crossword puzzle. Did the strip become too controversial and get replaced? Not at all. The crossword was actually the work of Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau’s son, Ross

“Full disclosure: Garry Trudeau and I lived together for the first 18 years of my life,” Ross wrote on his website, Rossword Puzzles, where he regularly shares the crossword puzzles he designs. “The puzzle features 18 Doonesbury character answers, so this one is for the real ‘toon-heads.”

“Typically, crossword puzzles have a theme that comprises the 4 or 5 longest across answers,” Ross wrote. “But since we wanted this puzzle to be a satisfying, crunchy solve for Doonesbury readers, we decided to forgo tradition and cram it full of as many intersecting D’bury character names as we could.”

This isn’t the first time the father and son have worked together on a crossword puzzle; they also created one for the New York Times back in 2018.

(Hat tip to Tom Bondurant, who has not yet sent word on whether he’s completed the puzzle or not.)

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