Marvel announces a ‘permanent status quo change’ for ‘Fantastic Four’

Artist RB Silva joins writer Dan Slott on the title in October.

Marvel today began teasing some of their October comics on their website, as they tend to do. In addition to a look at the cover to X of Swords: Stasis and the reprinting of the Official Handbook of the Conan Universe, they also teased the post-Empyre direction of the Fantastic Four.

First off, RB Silva will join Dan Slott on the title with issue #25, which sports a cover by Mark Brooks:

Second, Marvel says this will be a “new era” for the team:

This issue has it all: New artist! New villains! New uniforms! And a new, major, permanent status quo change for Marvel’s First Family!

All this and an appearance by DOCTOR DOOM! One of the most important characters in the entire cosmos…returns from the dead! And a major turning point in the history of the FANTASTIC FOUR! Great entry point for readers!

The cover does include four characters beyond the classic team of Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben — it also includes Franklin and Valeria, who have been regulars in the comic already, as well as the young Kree and Skrull who were rescued by the team in Fantastic Four: Empyre. I could get behind the two of them sticking around.

Fantastic Four #25 arrives in October.

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