Humanoids releases Jodorowsky + Mœbius ‘Metabarons’ story

Just in time for Comic-Con, check out a rarely seen story — and also take advantage of a great Humble Bundle.

Humanoids has released a hard-to-find Metabarons short story by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Mœbius on ComiXology this week, just in time for ComicCon@Home. You can purchase it for 99 cents.

“2020 is the 40th anniversary of The Incal,” said Humanoids Publisher Mark Waid. “With ComicCon@Home happening this week, we wanted to celebrate this anniversary by making this rare short story by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Mœbius available widely. This story plants the seeds for the great saga that would be told in The Metabarons. It is, as always, a great joy to see these two masters collaborate.”

The eight-page story, titled “In the Heart of the Impregnable Metabunker,” was first published in France in 1989 in the book Les Mystères de l’Incal, then published in the U.S. in Heavy Metal Volume 14, issue 1 the following year. It was also included in the deluxe, oversized, limited edition of The Incal

Speaking of The Incal, and Humanoids, and great deals on comics — Humanoids is also the latest publisher to team up with Humble Bundle, offering fans cheap access to comics and graphic novels like The Incal, Strangelands, Omni, Metabarons and many more. This Humble Bundle benefits not just you, but also the Hero Initiative, so go check it out.

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