Dash Shaw announces ‘Discipline’

The new graphic novel will arrive next fall from the New York Review of Comics.

Comics creator and animator Dash Shaw, whose work includes Cosplayers, Doctors, New School and Bottomless Belly Button, among others, has announced a new graphic novel for next year.

Discipline, a graphic novel about Quakers who fought in the Civil War, will be published by New York Review Comics.

“Quakers are widely known for pacifism, but many Quakers joined the military and fought and killed during the Civil War,” the description of the graphic novel reads. “The text for the book is comprised of many actual Civil War-era letters and journals. The imagery is inspired by 1860s journalistic illustrators. Shaw worked on this book from 2014 to 2019, and conducted extensive research, primarily as a Cullman Center fellow at the New York Public Library.”

You can watch this video featuring Shaw, as he talks more about the project:

Discipline is scheduled for a Fall 2021 release.

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